"iker casillas and real madrid are like zlatan and his ego, one doesn’t exist without the other" That's a stupid thing to say. Are you a Real Madrid fan or an Iker Casillas fan? No one is bigger than the club and there is no such player without whom the club couldn't exist. No offense.



you’re absolutely right, but that’s not what i meant to say. of course no one is bigger than the club, but you’re absolutely delusional if you don’t think iker casillas is different from every other player on this club. the club will be here forever, it existed before we got here and it will keep existing long after we’re gone, it’s immortal, regardless of the players we sell. but losing iker would represent a major blow. we’re talking about a reference, someone who joined this club when he was nine years old, who grew up to win everything with us, and i do mean absolutely everything, who has devoted his life to defending this club, who went through hell wearing our colours, who played an extremely important part in the club’s journey to becoming what it is today. he is to us what puyol is to barcelona, what gerrard is to liverpool, what lahm is to bayern. people like iker casillas embody the values real madrid originally stood for: quality, dignity, resilience, the will to fight long after your strength has left your body, the hasta el final , the señorio. now we may have lost our señorio (we’re not exactly nice gentlemen who lose with grace and turn the other cheek anymore), but iker represents our last shred of pure, uncontested dignity. he always stood above drama, above the blind hatred for barcelona that set the club on fire in 2011-2013 (hatred which i shared at the time, and still do), above the *high pitched voice* porque??? soap opera, and he always focused on doing his job in the best possible way and in giving us trophies (la decima whatuuuuup!).

real madrid will always, always be my first choice, over absolutely everything and everyone on the entire universe, i pledge my loyalty to the club and nothing else, but this is about having respect for someone who, over time, became a part of the myth himself. i’m so sorry if i came off as someone who values an individual over the whole. i don’t wish, in any way, to be labeled as an ~iker stan~, merely as someone who thinks respect is owed to those who deserve it.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. 

Preach, girl!

future plans

someone: Who do you want to be, in future?
me: a WAG.
Lmfao real madrid sucks. Barca is much better


does your club have double digits champions league trophies?

i didn’t think so..